Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts

How to modify or upgrade multiple number of accounts in WHM?

How to Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts in WHM?

To modify or upgrade multiple number of accounts, use the following steps.
Step 1: Login into WHM Panel providing the username and password.
Login Whm
Step 2: Enter as "Modify" in the search box and hit enter button.
Search Modify Whm
Step 3: Select Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts under Multi Account Functions.
Select Modify Multiple Accounts Whm
Step 4: Here you can choose the necessary account by enabling the required check box.
Select Multiple Domains Whm
Step 5: Select the required plan from the drop down menu next to Package.
Choose Package Whm
Step 6: Click Change.
Click Change Whm
Selected accounts will be upgraded to the new package. You will get notification as shown below.
Modify Multiple Accounts Results

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