Terminate Multiple Accounts in WHM

How to terminate or suspend multiple accounts in WHM?

How to Suspend Multiple Accounts in WHM?

You can terminate multiple number of accounts at once using the steps provided below.
Step 1: Give your Username and Password and login to the WHM Panel.
Login Whm
Step 2: In the search results, enter as "terminate".
Search Terminate Whm
Step 3: Select Terminate Multiple Accounts.
Select Terminate Multiple Accounts Whm
Step 4: Enable the check box of the required accounts to be deleted.
Select Accounts To Terminate Whm
Step 5: Just type the text provided above in the text area to terminate the selected accounts.
Type Phrase Whm
Step 6: Click Destroy Selected Accounts.
Click Destroy Selected Accounts Whm
Selected accounts will start to terminate as shown in the below image.
Terminate Multiple Accounts Results Whm

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