Create a cPanel Account within WHM

How do you create a cPanel account within WHM?

Multiple cPanel Accounts within WHM

You can create multiple number of cpanel accounts using WHM. To create a cPanel account within WHM, follow the steps we have given below.
Step 1: Login to WHM panel.
Login Whm
Step 2: In the search box, type as "create" and hit enter. From the search results, click Create a New Account.
Search Create Account Whm
Step 3: To create an account, first fill the domain information.
Enter the domain name of the account with the extension.
Username: You will get auto-suggestion for the username. Keep the same or change it. You can use only eight character for the username.
Password: Provide strong and more secured password.
Retype Password: Just type the same password again in this field for confirmation.
Strength: Password Generator will check the strength of your password. You can also use Password Generator option to auto-generate the password.
Email: Provide the valid email address to get notifications and account information through the mail.
Enter Domain Information Whm
Step 4: You can apply packages in two ways. Create your own package or choose a predefined package from the list. The selected package will be applied for your account. To create a package manually, enable Select Options Manually.
Seletc Options Manually Whm
Step 5: Once after enabling the check box, you will get Manual Resource Options to create a package. Enter all the fields, by enabling the check box in the left side of the text area.
Manual Resource Options Whm
Step 6: In DNS settings, enable SPF.
(Note: The name provided in the Nameservers is your hosting server.)
Dns Settings Whm
Step 7: No need to make any changes in the Mail Routing Settings. Click Create.
Create Account Whm
Step 8: New cPanel Account in WHM will be created as shown in the below image.
New Cpanel Account Whm

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