How to Enable and Configure Automatic Backups in WHM?

A simple tutorial which will guide you to enable and schedule automatic backups in WHM with ease.

Enable and Schedule Automatic Backups in WHM Panel

It is always advisable to take regular backups to keep your server against data loss. Properly configured automatic backups are the best way to ensure that your data is intact. WHM offers the facilities for VPS customers to create and restore backups.
Follow the below steps to enable automatic backup in WHM.
Note: Only VPS customers can enable backup and scheduling.
Step 1: Login to your WHM panel.
Step 2: In the search box, type as Backup and click on the Backup Configuration option shown below.
Step 3:Under the backup settings of Backup Configuration, select the check box next to Enable Backups to turn on the backup system.
Step 4: Once done, scroll down to the Scheduling and Retention section. This section allows you to enable or disable daily, weekly, and monthly backups. Choose the backup type as per your need by enabling the check box.
Note: You must choose at least one backup timing setting among the three.
Step 5: Scroll down and click on Save Configuration to enble the automatic scheduled backup.
Step 6: Now you have successfully enabled and scheduled automatic backup.

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