How to Calculate Torque?

How to Find Torque / Moment of Force?

Moment of Force Calculation

Torque is a amount of force acting on a object to keep it in a circular motion. It is calculated by multiplying the force and distance vector. Torque of an object is measured in pound-feet (lb-ft).
How To Find Torque
Torque = F x D

F = Force vector (lb)
D = Distance vector (ft)
Moment Of Force Formula
Step 1: Let us assume an example.
How to calculate the torque produced in an object moving by a 40 lb force pushing on a 7 lever arm.
Force = 40lb
Distance = 7ft
Moment Of Force Calculation Step1
Step 2: Substitute the values in the formula,
Torque = F x D
= 40 x 7
Moment of Force = 280 lb ft
How To Calculate Torque Step2

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