How to Find the Area of a Semicircle?

How to find area of a semicircle using radius?

Area of a Semicircle Calculation

A semicircle is half of the circle. The diameter of the circle cuts a circle into two equal semicircles. It can also be said as an open arc.
How To Find Area Of Semicircle
The semicircle is half of the circle and hence the area of semicircle is half the area of circle.Let us learn here how to find the area of a semicircle.
Area Of Semicircle Calculation
A = (π x r2) / 2
A - Area of a Semicircle
r - Radius
π (Pi) is a constant which is equal to 3.14
Area Of Semicircle Formula
Step 1:Let us consider an example to find the area of a semicircle whose radius is 4 m
Radius = 4
Applying the values in the formula,
A = (π x r2) / 2
A = (π x 42) / 2
A = (3.14 x 42) / 2
A = (3.14 x 16) / 2
A = 50.24 / 2
A = 25.12

Area Of Semicircle Calculation Step1
Area of Semicircle A = 25.12 m2
How To Find Semicircle Area Result

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