How to Calculate Simple Interest Annually?

How do you calculate simple interest per annum or year?

Calculate Simple Interest Annually

Simple interest is an interest rate calculated for the entire loan payment. It can be easily calculated by multiplying the loan amount, interest rate and time duration of the loan.
how to calculate simple interest
Formula to Find Simple Interest per Year
Simple Interest = (P x R x T ) / 100

P - Principal
R - Interest Rate
T - Time Duration of the Loan.
Simple Interest Formula
Step 1: Let us consider the values to calculate the Simple Interest.
Principal - Rs. 50,000
Interest Rate - 4%
Time period - 2 years.
Calculate Simple Interest Annually
Step 2: Substitute the values in the formula
SI = ( 50,000 x 4 x 2 ) / 100
= (50,000 x 8) / 100
Simple Interest =4000
Calculate Simple Interest Annually Step2
Hence, the simple interest of the principal amount of Rs.50,000 is Rs. 4000 per year.

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