How to Find the Volume of a Cylinder?

How do you calculate the volume of a cylinder?

Calculate Volume of a Cylinder

Cylinder is a three dimensional geometric solid. It has two identical circular flat ends and curved side. The circular bases of the cylinder are parallel and congruent. It has a radius "r" and height "h".
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Learn how to find the volume of a cylinder with simple example.
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Formula to Calculate Volume of a Cylinder:
Volume of Cylinder = π x radius2x HeightFormula For Volume Of Cylinder
Step 1: Let us consider the radius and height of the cylinder as 15 meters and 50 meters.
Radius = 15 m
Height = 50 m
Value of π = 3.14
How Calculate Volume Of Cylinder Step 1
Step 2: Substituting the values in the formula,
Volume of Cylinder = 3.14 x 15 x 15 x 50 = 35325 m3
How Calculate Volume of Cylinder Step 2
Hence, the volume of the cylinder is 35325m3.

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