How to find LCM?

How to calculate least common multiple (LCM) of numbers using GCD?

Least Common Multiple Calculation using GCD

The least common multiple or LCM of two integers a and b, denoted as LCM(a, b), is the smallest positive integer that is divisible by both a and b. Learn how to calculate the LCM of two integers using the below simple steps.
How To Find Lcm
Formula: Finding LCM using GCD
LCM(a,b) = (axb) /GCD(a,b)
How To Calculate Lcm Formula
Step 1: Assigning Values:
Consider the example to find LCM (12,30), given the GCD (12,30) is 6.
a = 12
b = 30
GCD(12,30) = 6
How To Calculate LCM Step2
Step 2: Substituting the Values:
LCM (12, 30) = (12 x 30) / 6
= 12 x 5
= 60
How To Calculate LCM Step2
Hence the LCM (12,30) is 60.

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