Coconut Oil for Fire Burns

How to use coconut oil to treat fire burns?

Home Remedies for Burns: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is rich in Vitamin E (Good for the nourishment of skin). Its anti fungal and anti acidic activity will heal the skin from different kinds of burns. Fire burns are also well treatable with the help of pure coconut oil.
Fire Burns Coconut Oil Treatment
How To First Aid
Here we have stated the first aid treatment for the below fire burn using coconut oil.
Fire Burn
Step 1: Pour some amount of pure water on the burnt space.
Fie Burns Clean With Water
Step 2: Then take a soft cloth and dry the water.
Fire Burns Gentle Cloth Rub
Step 3: Pour coconut oil on the hand to first aid the injured person.
Fire Burns Pour Coconut Oil
Step 4: Pat the coconut oil with the finger.
Fire Burns Pat With Finger
Step 5: Apply the coconut oil on the infected area.
Fire Burns Apply Coconut Oil
It will heal the pain and helps in the lightening of the scars.
Fire Burns Coconut Oil Healing

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