Milk for Fire Burns

How to use milk to treat a fire burn?

Home Remedies for Burns: Milk

Milk contains the essential proteins and fats to nourish the skin. It also helps in the process of healing the minor heat burns.
Fire Burns Milk Treatment
How To First Aid
Here we have stated the first aid treatment for the below fire burn using milk.
Fire Burn
Step 1: Take some water and pour it on the burnt space.
Fie Burns Clean With Water
Step 2: Gently rub the burn with the soft cloth to dry the water.
Fire Burns Gentle Cloth Rub
Step 3: Pour milk gently over the burnt part and leave for 15 minutes.
Fire Burns Milk Healing
You can also use the paper cloth soaked in milk rather then applying the milk directly on the wounds. It soothes and reduces the pain and irritation.

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