Yogurt for Fire Burns

How to use yogurt for minor fire burns?

Home Remedies for Minor Burns: Yogurt

Yogurt is a dairy product which is formed by the process called fermentation. Its a natural healer and cooling agent, used as an optional first aid ingredients during the fire burns.
Fire Burns Yogurt Treatment
How To First Aid
Here we have pictured in treating the fire burns using yogurt.
Fire Burn
Step 1: First thing is to clean the burns with water.
Fie Burns Clean With Water
Step 2: Use a soft cloth and clean the burnt place.
Fire Burns Gentle Cloth Rub
Step 3: Apply the yogurt on the burns.
Fire Burns Apply Yogurt
Step 4: Gently pat the yogurt to touch the wounds.
Fire Burns Gently Pat Yogurt
Step 5: Leave it for 15 minutes. It will soothe and slow down the burning sensation.
Fire Burns Yogurt Healing

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