Olive Oil for Fire Burns

How to use olive oil for fire burns?

Home Remedies for Burns: Olive Oil

Fire accidents may happen for you at any time as its an unexpected happening. If you are in the home, suffocating badly with the piercing fire burns then here is simple tips for you to treat the fire burn by using the olive oil.
Fire Burn Olive Oil Aid
How To First Aid
Here we have shown the images in treating the below fire burnt area.
Fire Burn
Step 1: Just pour some pure water over the injured area.
Fie Burns Clean With Water
Step 2: Gently clean it with the soft towel.
Fire Burns Gentle Cloth Rub
Step 3: Now, take few drops of olive oil and pour it inside your palm.
Fire Burns Pour Olive Oil Palm
Step 4: Use a finger and pat to stick the olive oil with your finger.
Fire Burns Pat With Hand
Step 5: Apply it on the burnt area.
Fire Burns Apply On Burn
The injured portion will gently lose the burning sensation after some time.
Fire Burn Apply Olive Oil
Note: Still if you feel the prolonged pain/ illness consult the nearest physician as soon as possible.

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