How to File TDR in IRCTC?

A step by step tutorial on filing TDR for IRCTC E-Ticket through online

File TDR IRCTC E-Ticket

E - ticket or electronic ticket is a more efficient of ticket processing.
Here is a short tutorial that explains you on how to file TDR for IRCTC E-Ticket through online.
How To File Tdr For Irctc Eticket
Step 1: Login to IRCTC website online.
Step 2: Under Services Menu, Select "˜File Ticket Deposit Receipt (TDR)"™.
Step 3: Navigate to My Transactions Menu. Find here list of ticket where date of journey has been elapsed.
Step 4: Select PNR for which the TDR is to be filed.
Step 5: Click on File TDR button.
Step 6: From the available ticket details, select the name of the passenger and select the reason for filing TDR refund.
Step 7: Click on Submit button.
Step 8: If all the details are confirmed, click on the OK button in the alert window that appears.
Step 9: Your TDR has been filed successfully.
You could also view your TDR status by clicking on the TDR History link in the left panel.

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