How to Dry Clothes Without a Dryer?

Best Ways to Dry Clothes Indoors

Drying Clothes Faster without Washing Machine

Here is a simple method to dry clothes faster without using the washing machine. This handy method would help you to dry the clothes at the quickest possible time.
Dry Clothes Without Using Washing Machine
Wringing Technique
Lay a fluffy, thick towel on a flat surface. Now take the wet garment and lay it on the towel. Make sure that the entire cloth is on the towel.
Roll the towel
Now began to roll the towel from one end. Make sure that the cloth is inside the towel. Roll the towel till the end.
Twist the towel
Hold both the ends of the rolled towel and twist it as tight as possible. The towel would absorb and remove the excess water from the cloth. When you unroll the garment, it should appear so dry.

Its advisable to wring only one garment at a time with the towel. Once if the towel turns wet, then switch to an other dry towel. While handling with the smaller clothes like socks, you can dry two to three items at the same time.

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