Hang Clothes Indoors/Outdoors

Hang Clothes Indoors/Outdoors : Tips to Dry Clothes Quickly

Ways to Dry Clothes Faster

Use clothesline to dry the garments faster. Though there is some practical difficulty in arranging the cloth line, it is more beneficial to dry more number of clothes. Hang clothes indoors/outdoors in a way that they doesn't touch each other in the line. This helps the cloth to dry faster with enough ventilation.
Dry Clothes By Hanging Indoors Outdoors
If Outdoors
While hanging clothes, if its gets directly exposed to sunlight, then the clothes would dry much faster. Make sure that it is not near any heat sources such as boiler, furnace or heater. Leave clothes in the place of free air flow.
If Indoors
Lay the clothes in the line near an open window, else keep it under a fan to stimulate the air flow.

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