Use Hair / Blow Dryer to Dry Clothes

Use Hair / Blow Dryer : Tips to Dry Clothes Quickly

Ways to Dry Clothes Quickly

Hair Dryer/ Blow dryer is an tool that can be used to instantly dry the clothes faster. If you have a hand held hair dryer, it will do the needful. Take the wet cloth and lay it down flat in a clean area. Turn on the blow dryer and set warm or high setting. Make sure that you get lot of air than the heat to dry fast. Now get the dryer near to the cloth and move it spot by spot covering the front, back and inside. Make sure you have not too much exposed to a same spot, if its gets too hot then it may catch fire. You may need to expose little more air near the collars to dry fast. Hope this method would be one of best ways to dry clothes faster.

Dry Clothes Faster With Hair Dryer

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