How To Calculate Electrical Power?

Learn here how to calculate power/wattage in an electric circuit by using Ohm's Law.

Electric Power Calculation

Electrical power (P) is the rate at which an electrical energy is transferred by an electric circuit. The SI unit of electric power is watt. It is very similar to the mechanical power which is the rate of doing work by time taken, measured in watts. The power produced by an electric circuit is calculated by multiplying the voltage V in volts and the current I in amperes.This tutorial will guide on how to calculate electrical power in an electric device.
Let us learn here how to calculate electric power (P) in an electrical circuit with a neat and simple example.
How To Calculate Electrical Power
Formula Used:
Electric Power P = Voltage V x Current I
Electric Power Formula
Step 1: Calculate the power of a 12V light bulb using 2.5 A.
Voltage V = 12 volts
Current I = 2.5 amperes
Electric Power Example Problem
Step 2: Applying values in the formula,
Electric Power P = Voltage V x Current I
P = 12 x 2.5
P = 30 Watts
Electric Power Calculation

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