How to Calculate Discount?

How do you calculate discount amount from the percentage rate?

Discount Amount Calculation

Discount is the amount of cost reduced from the original cost. It is an allowance or concession in price on a purchase.
How To Calculate Discount
Discount Amount = (Original Cost x Discount Percentage Rate) / 100
Discount Amount Formula
Step 1: Assuming Values
Let us assume, for a purchase of 1 Kg of Orange, the discount percentage is 8% on the original cost of Rs. 100, then the values could be assigned as below:
Original Cost = 100
Discount Percentage = 8

Discount Amount Calculation Step1
Step 2: Substituting the values in the formula,
Amount = (100 x 8) / 100 = 8
Therefore the discount amount is Rs.8
How To Calculate Discount Amount Step2

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