Special Character Shortcuts for Mac Os

How to type special characters in Mac Os?

Special Characters Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac Os

In Mac Os, you can type special characters using shift and option keys in your keyboard. To make a special character, hold down the both shift and/or option keys, and press the letter key simultaneously. Here is the list of special characters and its keyboard shortcuts for Mac operating system for your reference.

DescriptionGlyphShortcut Keys
Left Single Quotation Mark option+]
Right Single Quotation Mark shift+option+]
Left Double Quotation Mark option+[
Double Low 9 Quoteshift+option+w
Double Daggershift+option+7
Horizontal Ellipsis&option+;
Per Mille Signshift+option+r
Single Left Pointing Angle Quotation Markshift+option+3
Single Right Pointing Angle Quotation Markshift+option+4
Trademark Symboloption+2
Long Hyphensshift+option+hyphen
Inverted Exclamation Mark¡option+1
Cent Currency Symbol¢option+4
Pound Sterling Currency Sign£option+3
Yen Symbol¥option+y
Section Symbol§option+6
Copyright Symbol©option+g
Feminine Ordinal Indicatorªoption+9
Not Sign¬option+l
Registered Trademark Symbol®option+r
Degree Symbol°shift+option+8
Plus Minus Sign±shift+option+=
Lowercase Letter Muµoption+m
Pilcrow Signoption+7
Masculine Ordinal Indicatorºoption+0
Upside Down Question Mark¿shift+option+?
Capital Letter A With Grave AccentÀoption+` A
Capital Letter A With Acute AccentÁoption+e A
Capital Letter A With Circumflex AccentÂoption+i A
Capital Letter A With TildeÃoption+n A
Capital Letter A With UmlautÄoption+u A
Capital Letter A With RingÅshift+option+a
Uppercase AEÆshift+option+'
Capital Letter V With CedillaÇshift+option+c
Capital Letter E With Grave AccentÈoption+` E
Capital Letter E With Acute AccentÉoption+e E
Capital Letter E With Circumflex AccentÊoption+i E
Capital Letter E With UmlautËoption+u E
Capital Letter I With Grave AccentÌoption+` I
Capital Letter I With Acute AccentÍoption+e I
Capital Letter I With Circumflex AccentÎoption+i I
Capital Letter I With UmlautÏoption+u I
Capital Letter N With TildeÑoption+n N
Capital Letter O With Grave AccentÒoption+` O
Capital Letter O With Acute AccentÓoption+e O
Capital Letter O With Circumflex AccentÔoption+i O
Capital Letter O With TildeÕoption+n O
Capital Letter O With UmlautÖoption+u O
Upper Case O With SlashØshift+option+o
Capital Letter U With Grave AccentÙoption+` U
Capital Letter U With Acute AccentÚoption+e U
Capital Letter U With Circumflex AccentÛoption+i U
Capital Letter U With UmlautÜoption+u U
Lowercase Sharps, Germanßoption+s
Lowercase A With Grave Accentàoption+` a
Lowercase A With Acute Accentáoption+e a
Lowercase A With Circumflex Accentâoption+i a
Lowercase A With Tildeãoption+n a
Lowercase A With Umlautäoption+u a
Lowercase A With Ringåoption+a
Lowercase Aeæoption+'
Lowercase C With Cedillaçoption+c
Lowercase E With Grave Accentèoption+` e
Lowercase E With Acute Accentéoption+e e
Lowercase E With Circumflex Accentêoption+i e
Lowercase E With Umlautëoption+u e
Lowercase I With Grave Accentìoption+` i
Lowercase I With Acute Accentíoption+e i
Lowercase I With Circumflex Accentîoption+i i
Lowercase I With Umlautïoption+u i
Lowercase N With Tildeñoption+n n
Lowercase O With Grave Accentòoption+` o
Lowercase O With Acute Accentóoption+e o
Lowercase O With Circumflex Accentôoption+i o
Lowercase A With õoption+n o
Lowercase O With Umlautöoption+u o
Lowercase A With øoption+o
Lowercase U With Grave Accentùoption+` u
Lowercase U With Acute Accentúoption+e u
Lowercase U With Circumflex Accentûoption+i u
Lowercase U With Umlautüoption+u u
Lowercase Y With Umlautÿoption+u y

Special Character Shortcuts For Mac Os