Resize a Picture in MS Paint

How to resize a picture in Windows 8 Paint?


Resize option is used to re-size the picture or selection of a picture by percentage or by pixels.
Option 1:
In home tab, select Resize.
Option 2:
The shortcut key is Ctrl+W.
resize mspaint
Option 3:Right Click → Resize
resize1 mspaint
Resize Options:
Option 1: Select Percentage or Pixels.
Option 2: To set the width of the picture proportional to height, then enable the checkbox "Maintain aspect ratio". Else, uncheck the "Maintain aspect ratio" checkbox and enter the value manually for both Horizontal and Vertical portion of the image.
Skew Option:
Enter the value in degrees to resize the image in degrees instead of pixels/percentage.Here, we have chosen Pixels.
resize2 mspaint
Whole image is resized with the given pixels.
resize3 mspaint

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