Customize Quick Access Toolbar in MS Paint

How to customize quick access toolbar in Windows 8 Paint?


You can add frequently used actions to quick access toolbar using "Customise Quick Access Toolbar" option which is located at the top left of the paint window.
Step 1: Click on the small arrow specified below.
quick access toolbar mspaint
Step 2: A menu will be listed, wherein you can add the required option to "Customise Quick Access Toolbar".
Here, save option is selected in the below given image.
quick access toolbar1 mspaint
Step 3: Save option is added to the Customise Quick Access Toolbar.
quick access toolbar2 mspaint
You can also add any of the action icon to quick access toolbar.
Just right-click on the icon for which you need quick access and select "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" option.
quick access toolbar fullscreen mspaint
In the below picture, the fullscreen icon is added to the quick access toolbar.
quick access toolbar fullscreen1 mspaint
To remove the action or command from Customize Quick Access Toolbar, just right-click on it and then select "Remove from Quick Access Toolbar".
quick access toolbar fullscreen3 mspaint