Why is my Website Slow?

What are the reasons for Slow Website?

Reasons for Slow Website Loading

Speed of the website depends upon Front-end and Server-side components. The tutorial will guide you to find what causes the slow down of your website. Also learn what can you do to speed your website.

Even if your website is working fine, connectivity issues can cause the site to appear slow. You need to check out with your Internet connectivity.

High Traffic
A high traffic will cause your site to slow down. Its because the web server can serve only certain number of request at once. When more number of users access your website at the same time, server will try to manage all the requests but will eventually slow down.

Code Optimization
Programming languages like PHP, ASP is paired up with the databases like MySQL, or Microsoft SQL Server to create softwares such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento etc., All these softwares need to be optimized. An un-optimized database queries can slow down the website.
Learn how to optimize a wordpress website?

Unoptimizated Images
One of the most common reason for the slow down of the website is unoptimized images. Large images can consume lot of bandwidth while it was loading. If you are having tons of large images, then it means you are giving extra load time. You need to resize and change the format of the images. You can choose between JPG, PNG, and GIF formats.

Site without Page Cache
Most websites fetches the information from the database, insert the pulled data into templates and display it to you. The process is repeated every time when someone requests the page. The time that it takes to process the page depends on the efficiency of the code and the servers. Instead of essentially "building" the same page again, page caching can be used to speed up the generation of the web pages.

Using outdated CMS
If you are using softwares like WordPress, Drupal to manage your website, the you have to update the new versions of the software everytime when it request for. An updated and lastest version of softwares will load your site faster and more smoothly.

Shared Hosting
When you are using the shared hosting service, the CPU and RAM is shared commonly among all the users.
Upgrading to VPS will increase the load speed of website with the dedicated RAM and CPU.

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