Why is my Website Down?

How to Identify Problems Connecting To Your Website?

Reasons for Website not Working

If your website is not working as you have expected, then you need to know the reason "Why your website is down?". Here we have mentioned the common causes of website outages. The article explains the reasons as well provides the steps to resolve the issues.

Find the Reason Why Your Site Goes Down?
A website may go down or stop working due to the following reasons.

Has your Domain or Hosting service Expired?
Domain name need to be renewed once in every year to remain it active. It is possible that your domain name might have expired and not renewed on time.

Network Issue

Your website may go down or stop working further, when there is a failure or slow network connectivity or when your router is no longer working. You need to contact your network service provider to fix the network issue.

Programming error
A minor mistake on the coding of the website may take down one web page or several websites. Sometimes there may be an numerous number of coding that go into serving a single web page. So there may be more chances for programmers to make errors. And also the display of web pages can vary from one web browser to an other browser. So the developer need to feature the webpages to work smoothly in all the browsers.

Server hack/ Server down
Server stores lot of software program to make the websites available to users when accessed. When the server crashes, it prevents the users from accessing the websites due to large queue. The server block the entry when bulk of users trying to enter the small doorway.

Attack by hackers
Your website may turn down when its hacked. A hacked websites may host some malicious code, which is harmful. To prevent your website from hacking, make sure you provide secure and strong passwords.

DDOS attacks

DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks used by hackers to overload a server or network temporarily. The attack may slow down or completely overload the websites hosted on the server.

DNS Changes or Expirations
We buy domain from the third party company. Some registries may take too long time to make DNS changes. DNS service will point your domain name to the server your website is on. It is done by translating your domain name into an IP address of the server. The change in the IP address may make your computer difficult to find the website.

Issues from Data centers
Most of the websites are accessed on one or more number of computers. These computers are typically stored and powered in the data centers. When these data centers are hit with the power failure or any hardware malfunction, the websites hosted on the servers in the data center also fail to reach.

Suspended your account due to non-payment
A website may turn down or stop from working when you fail to make the payments with your web hosting provider.

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