Update WhatsApp on Android

How to update WhatsApp on android devices?


If you have already updated whatsapp to the latest version in your mobile, then skip to access/use Whatsapp On web in Chrome browser.

To update Whatsapp with the latest version, follow the steps below,
Step 1:
In your mobile phone, go to Play Store.
Step 2: Click or expand the menu.
google play store whatsapp

Step 3: Select My apps from the list.
my apps whatsapp

Step 4: Under INSTALLED, select WhatsApp Messenger.
select whatsapp messanger whatsapp

Step 5: Click UPDATE.
click update whatsapp

Step 6:
It will ask for the confirmation. Click ACCEPT.
click accept whatsapp

WhatsApp messenger will automatically start to update as shown in the below image.
installing whatsapp

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