How to Generate an SSL Certificate in Cpanel?

Short tutorial on How to Generate an SSL Certificate in Cpanel?

Generating SSL Certificate in Cpanel

Generating an SSL certificate using Cpanel is quickly and easily explained in the below short tutorial. Do follow the steps given to generate an SSL certificate for your website.

Step 1: Login to your websites Cpanel account using the credentials.
Cpanel Login
Step 2: Search for the SSL certificate security programme in the Cpanel search box.
Cpanel Search
Step 3: Click on the SSL/TLS certificate programme listed.
Step 4: Now, the SSL/TLS manager opens in front of you.
Ssl Tls Manager View
Step 5: Click on "Certificate Signing Requests (CSR)" to generate your new SSL certificate.
Ssl Tls Manager
Step 6: You will now be redirected to the SSL certificate generation page.
Fill In The Csr Form To Generate Csr
Step 7: Fill up the form and click on "Generate" button as shown in the figure.
Click Generate
Step 8: You will now get a file generated. Just download and the forward the same to your hosting provider.
Step 9: You will either receive a file or authentication link to your email id specified in the whois address of your domain.
Step 10: Open your mail and click on the link to validate and confirm your details. Or Upload the file into your website for validation
Step 11: Once done you will receive the Private key and the Certificate to your mail id specified.

Click on the below links to learn how to update your private key and upload the certificate received in your website using Cpanel.

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