How to Generate an SSL Certificate in Plesk?

Short tutorial on How to Generate an SSL Certificate in Plesk.

Generating SSL Certificate For Your Domain

Generating an SSL certificate using Plesk is quickly and easily explained in the below short tutorial. Do follow the steps given to generate an SSL certificate for your website.

Step 1: Login to your websites Plesk account using the credentials.
Login To Plesk
Step 2: Select SSL Certificate from the list of options shown.
Plesk Control Panel
Step 3: To create new SSL certificate, you can use either of the options provided below as per your requirements.
Option 1:
Click on "Add SSL Certificate".
Option 2:
If you already have one, just click Browse and upload the file. Tap the Upload Certificate button.
Upload Add Ssl Certificate
Step 4: Fill up the form with the required details and tap the "Request" button.
Add Ssl Certificate
Step 5: You will be now able to see the file generated.
Download Ssl
Step 6: Click on the down arrow mark to download the .pem file.
Download Pem File
Step 7: Do send the file to your web hosting provider for authentication and SSL certificate.

Step 8: You will now receive a mail from your hosting provider with the Private key and Certificate to upload it in your website for activation of SSL.

How to Upload and Install SSL Certificate for your website in Plesk?

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