How To Delete / Uninstall Unwanted Plugins From Wordpress?

Short tutorial on How To Delete / Uninstall Unwanted Plugins From Wordpress?

Remove Unwanted Plugins From Wordpress

In this short tutorial we will discuss on how to delete or uninstall unwanted plugins from wordpress. Follow the steps given below to remove unused plugins in a wordpress for performance optimization.
Step 1: Login to your wordpress account navigate to Dashboard →Plugins
Goto Plunigs
Step 2: From the list of plugins displayed, Select the unwanted plugin using the check box and click on Delete button.
Select Plugin To Delete
Step 3: Click on Ok button to confirm deletion.
Confirm Delete
Step 4: If you want to delete more than one plugin at the same time. Select plugins using the check box → Choose Delete from the Bulk Actions menu.
Bulk Delete
Step 5: You have now successfully deleted the unwanted plugins from your wordpress account.
Also, you can delete an installed theme through your FTP manager.
Step 1:
Login to the site via your FTP Program.
Step 2:
Go to the Plugin directory and find where the Plugin is installed.
Step 3:
Delete the WordPress Plugin folder and/or files from your server.

* Do download and update required plugins only from the valid sources. Do not download and update plugins from other sources unless it is required.

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