How To Delete / Uninstall Unwanted Media Files / Images From Wordpress?

Short tutorial on How To Delete / Uninstall Unwanted Images From Wordpress?

Deleting Files from your Media Library in the WP Admin dashboard

In this short tutorial we will discuss on how to delete or uninstall unwanted media files or images from wordpress. Follow the steps given below to remove unused media files or images in a wordpress for performance optimization.
Step 1: Login to your wordpress Wp-admin and navigate to Dashboard → Media → Library
Dashboard Media Library
Step 2:
Select the media file to delete.
Select Mediafile To Delete
Step 3: Click on → Delete Permanently
Click Delete PermanentlyStep 4: Confirm with Ok Button to delete the selected media or image file.
Confirm Delete
Step 5: To delete more than one media files use the Bulk Actions options as shown in here.
Bulk Actions
Step 6: You have now successfully deleted all your unwanted media files or images from your wordpress account.
Also, you can delete the media files using the FTP manager.
Step 7: Login to your FTP account
Step 8: Under Public_html → Select Wordpress directory → Select the Media files folder → Select files to delete and Click on Delete button.

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