How to Disable Comments in Wordpress?

Short tutorial on How to Disable Comments in Wordpress.

Disable Default wp-cron.php Behavior

Comments are only optional. Most websites do not require comments. If it is a social network or any discussion related website, then it requires comments.
In this short tutorial we will discuss on how to disable comments in wordpress. Follow the steps give below to disable comments section in a wordpress for performance and security optimization.
Step 1: Goto Dashboard → Plugins → Add New
Goto Plugins
Step 2: Search for "No Page Comments" and Click on "Install"
Search Plugin
Step 3: Click on Activate button to enable No Page Comment plugin.
Activate Plugin
Step 4: Visit Settings → No Page Comment to configure the plugin.
Plugins Settings
Step 5: Check the comments and trackbacks checkbox next to Pages to disable comments on new pages and Click on the Update Settings button.
No Page Comment Settings
Step 6: If you also want to turn off comments on all previous pages as well, then click on the Disable All Comments and Disable All Trackbacks buttons next to pages under Modify All Current section.
Modify Current Settings
Step 7: Confirm to disable comments and tracbacks in the pop-up that appears.
Confirm Comments DisableConfirm Tracbacks Disable
That"s all, your WordPress pages are now comments free.
Remember that even though you have disabled comments on all pages, you can still enable them on a page if you want.

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