Manage Cache in Mozilla Firefox

How to manage cache in Mozilla Firefox Browser?


Cache is a component that stores the huge set of browsing data temporarily in the inaccessible places. Cache stores the copy of all the browsed data. Cache management option is used to set the space limit for the cache storage. After the set limit cache will be cleared automatically. To manage cache in Firefox follow the steps below.
Step 1: Click ToolsOptions (Windows) or EditPreferences (Linux)
cache management firefox
Step 2:
Select Advanced TabNetwork
cache management2 firefox
Step 3:
Select the checkbox, "Override automatic cache management"
cache management3 firefox
Step 4:
In "Limit cache to" box enter the required memory space or adjust the up/down arrow keys to set the cache limit. In the below image, cache limit is set to 350MB. After the limit, cache will be cleared automatically.
cache management1 firefox