Manage Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox

How to manage Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox Browser?


Addons are the browser tools used to get some details from the webpage. There are huge number of free addons available for Firefox.Addons are also called as Extensions.To get addons for your Firefox browser, follow the steps given below.
Step 1:
Go to ToolsAdd-ons or press Ctrl+ shift+A
add ons firefox
Step 2:
Add-ons Manager Window will be opened in New Tab.
add ons1 firefox
Step 3:
My Add-ons will show the list of installed add-ons.
my addons firefox
Step 4: Available Add-ons will list out all the available add-ons in the web browser.
available add ons firefox
Step 5: Type the keyword in Add-ons search box and press Enter.
add ons searchbar firefox
Step 6: Install the required Add-on from Available Add-ons.
install add ons firefox
Step 7: Installed Add-ons will appear as below. Click Restart now.
restart add ons firefox
Step 8:
The installed add-on will be automatically added next to the search box. Here, we have Integrated Google Calendar.
add ons4 firefox

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