Set / Manage Default Search Engine in IE

How to set or manage default search engine in Internet Explorer (IE) browser?


We can choose our default web search engine.
Step 1:
To set default search engine, select the downward arrow key in the search bar and click Manage Service Providers option.
default search engine
Step 2:
In Manage Add-ons window, select Search Providers from Add-on Types.
From the list of of search providers, select the required search engine and click the Set as default option.
default search engine1
Step 3:
To find other search engines rather than the given,
Option 1:
Select "Find more search providers" option from Manage Add-ons dialog box,
search providers ie
When we change the default search engine, it provides similar information of the keyword searched from the selected search engine.
Option 2:
Click on the small arrow near search icon and select "Find More Providers",
search providers1 ie
Step 4:
Choose the search engines you need to set as default. Here, we have chosen "Google".
search providers2 ie
Step 5: Click "Add to Internet Explorer" button.
search providers3 ie
Step 6:
If you need the search engine to be set as default, then tick the checkbox, "Make this my default search provider". If you need this search engine to be added to the suggestion list in "Search Providers" in "Manage Add-ons" dialog box, then check the option, "Use search suggestions from this provider".
search providers4 ie

Step 7:
Finally google is set as default search engine and also added in suggestion list.
search providers5 ie

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