Bookmarks/ Favorites in Internet Explorer

How to manage favorites or bookmarks in Internet Explorer (IE) browser?


To create folder for the Favorites web page, follow the steps given below
Option 1:

Step 1:
Click Favorites Add to Favorites
ie favorites1
Step 2:
A dialog box will be opened. Click on New Folder option, to add the favorite into the new folder.
ie tag favorites
Step 3:
Give Folder Name and click Create option. The favorite web page will be added under the newly created folder.
ie tag favorites1
Option 2:
Step 1:
Click Favorites and select Organize Favorites
ie tag favorites2
Step 2:
In the Organize Favorites dialogue box, Click the New Folder option.
ie tag favorites3
Step 3: Rename the created folder with a suitable name.
ie tag favorites4
Step 4: Now add the favorite page into the new folder, by clicking and dragging the favorite web page into the newly created folder.
ie tag favorites5

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