Manage Add-ons in Google Chrome

How to manage add-ons in Google Chrome Browser?


Add-ons is also called as extension. We can enable or disable the Add-ons at any time. To download or view the available Add-ons follow the steps given below.
Step 1:
Click Chrome MenuToolsExtensions
add ons chrome
Step 2
: Click on Get more extensions.
add ons1 chrome
Step 3:
In Chrome web store, type the required add-on in search bar. Add-ons will be listed for the searched keyword. Click on the Free option.
add ons2 chrome
Step 4:
It will ask to login into your Gmail account.
add ons3 chrome
Step 5:
Dialog box appears, Click Add option in the Confirm New App.
add ons4 chrome
Step 6:
Shortcut of the installed Add-ons will be automatically added next to the address bar.
add ons5 chrome

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