United Bank of India SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for United Bank of India mobile service.

United Bank of India SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

United Bank of India

United Bank of India (UBI) SMS/mobile banking number is 56161

CHANGEPIN <old_pin> <new_pin><new_pin>Change Mpin
BAL <mpin>Check Account Balance
MINI <mpin>Check Account Mini Statement
FTMM <mpin> <ben_mob> <amt>Transfer Funds Between Mobiles
CONFMM <mpin> <txn_id>Get Mobile to Mobile Confirmation
FTMA <mpin> <a/c_no> <amt>Transfer Funds from Mobile to Account
CONFMA <mpin> <txn_id>Get Mobile to Account Confirmation
NEFT <mpin> <ifsc_code> <a/c_no> <nic_name> <amt>Transfer Funds via NEFT
CONFNEFT <mpin> <txn_id>Ensure NEFT Confirmation
IMPS <ben_mob NO> <ben_MMID> <amt> <mpin> Make IMPS Fund Transfer
MOBREC <mpin> <<mob_no>> <amt>Get Mobile Top up
STCHQ <mpin> <chq_no>Stop Cheque Request
ENQCHQ <mpin> <chq_no>Check Issued Cheque Status
ATM <mpin> <pincode>Find Nearest ATMs by Pin
ATMLOC <mpin> <city> <area>Find Nearest ATMs by Location
BRANPIN <mpin> <pincode>Find Nearest Branch by Pin
BRANLOC <mpin> <city> <area>Find Nearest Branch by Location
REFER <mpin> <fnd_name><fnd_mob> <fnd_email>Refer a Friend