United Bank Limited SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for United Bank Limited (UBL) mobile service.

UBL SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

United Bank Limited

United Bank Limited (UBL) SMS/mobile banking number is 8257

Pay <Amt> <rec_mobile message > <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC >Transfer Funds Between Omni Accounts
Send <Amt> <rec_CNIC> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Transfer Fund from Omni Account to CNIC
Load <Amt> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Transfer Fund from UBL to Omni Account
Unload <Amt> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Transfer Fund from Omni to UBL Account
Paybill <Amt> KWSB <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay KWSB Bill
Paybill <Amt> WASA <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay WASA BILL
Paybill <Amt> SSGC <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay SSGC Bill
Paybill <Amt> SNGPL <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay SNGPL Bill
Paybill <Amt> PTCL <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay PTCL Bill
Paybill <Amt> VPTCL <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay VPTCL Bill
Paybill <Amt> SCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay SCO Bill
Paybill <Amt> KESC <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay KESC Bill
Paybill <Amt> HESCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay HESCO Bill
Paybill <Amt> FESCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay FESCO Bill
Paybill <Amt> IESCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay IESCO BILL
Paybill <Amt> QESCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay QESCO Bill
Paybill <Amt> MEPCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay MEPCO Bill
Paybill <Amt> PESCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay PESCO Bill
Paybill <Amt> LESCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay Company Bill
Paybill <Amt> SEPCO <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay SEPCO Bill
Paybill <Amt> AJKED <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay AJKED Bill
Paybill <Amt> Zong <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay Zong Bill
Paybill <Amt> Ufone <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay Ufone Bill
Paybill <Amt> Warid <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay Warid Bill
Paybill <Amt> WiTribe <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay WiTribe Bill
Paybill <Amt> Wateen <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay Wateen Bill
Paybill <Amt> PTCL Evo <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay PTCL Evo Bill
Paybill <Amt> Qubee <cons_ID> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Pay Qubee Bill
Ez <Amt> Ufone <Mobile message> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Get Mobile Top up for Ufone
Ez <Amt> Zong <Mobile message> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Get Mobile Top for Zong
Ez <Amt> Warid <Mobile message> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Get Mobile Top up for Warid
Buy <Comp_code_and_amt> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Buy a Voucher
PayZakat <amt> Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Zakaat for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust
PayZakat <amt> Sahara for Life Trust <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Zakaat for Sahara for Life Trust
PayZakat <amt> HOPE <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Zakaat for HOPE
PayZakat <amt> The Citizens Foundation <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Zakaat for The Citizens Foundation
PayZakat <amt> STEPS <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Zakaat for STEPS
PayZakat <amt> Dr AQ Khan Hospital Trust <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Zakaat for Dr. AQ Khan Hospital Trust
PayZakat <amt> Chhipa Welfare Association <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Zakaat for Chhipa Welfare Association
PayDonation <amt> Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Donation for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust
PayDonation <amt> Sahara for Life Trust <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Donation for Sahara for Life Trust
PayDonation <amt> HOPE <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Donation for HOPE
PayDonation <amt> The Citizens Foundation <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Donation for The Citizens Foundation
PayDonation <amt> STEPS <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Donation for STEPS
PayDonation <amt> Dr AQ Khan Hospital Trust <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Donation for Dr. AQ Khan Hospital Trust
PayDonation <amt> Chhipa Welfare Association <CNIC_last_4_dig>Pay Donation for Chhipa Welfare Association
Paybill <amt> TCS Connect <order_id> <CNIC_last_4_dig>Shop Online TCS connect
Cash <amt> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Withdraw Cash From Omni Account
View Bill <comp_name> <cons_num> <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>View Current Bill
Bal <lst_4_dig_of_CNIC>Check Account Balance