Whois Server for .ë‹·ë„· (xn--t60b56a)

What is the whois server for .ë‹·ë„· (xn--t60b56a)?

Dot xn--t60b56a Whois Server

By default, whois server for .ë‹·ë„· (xn--t60b56a) TLD is whois.nic.xn--t60b56a. This can be used to fetch the .ë‹·ë„· (xn--t60b56a) domain/website whois information. Extension .xn--t60b56a sponsoring organisation is VeriSign Sarl and its registered on 02-07-2015.
Whois Server for .xn  t60b56a
Sponsoring Organisation Details
VeriSign Sarl.
3 rue des Pilettes.
CH 1700 Fribourg.

whois -h <whois server> <domain name>

For example
whois -h whois.nic.xn--t60b56a hiox.xn--t60b56a

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