Sunrise Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for Sunrise Bank mobile service.

SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

Sunrise Bank

Sunrise Bank SMS/mobile banking number is 6556

<PIN> BECheck Account Balance
<PIN> LTView Last Three Transactions
<PIN> PAY NTPP 1000 <Mobile No.>Make NTC Bill Payment for Postpaid Mobile
<PIN> PAY NTLL 500 <Landline No.>Make NTC Bill Payment for PSTN
<PIN> PAY ADSL 1017 <ADSL User Id.> <Phone No.>Make NTC Bill Payment for ADSL
<PIN> PAY MTOP <Amt> <Mobile No.>Make NTC Topup
<PIN> PAY NTADS <Amt> <Adsl Landline No.>Make NTC ADSL Topup
<PIN> PAY NCPP <Amt> <Mobile No.>Make Ncell Topup
<PIN> PAY NTPST <Amt> <Landline No.>Make NTC Landline Topup
<PIN> RC NG <amt>Make NTC Prepaid Recharge for GSM
<PIN> RC NC <amt>NTC CDMA Prepaid Recharge