Getting Enough Sleep

Tip 1 to Avoid Laziness: Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep it Out

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise - Benjamin Franklin
Simple yet optimal way to boost up your health is to get enough amount of sleep. Sleep places a vital role in establishing a healthy life style and it also precludes one from being lazy.
getting enough sleep
Getting enough sleep is very important for the human body as it can,
→ Repair heart and mind.
→ Release essential hormones for the proper growth and development.
→ Restore the energy.
→ Increases Blood supply.
→ Relaxes Muscles
→ Drops the blood pressure.

Tips to Sleep Better
→ Whenever you go to sleep, switch off the television and stay away from the gadgets like computers, smart phones, tablets etc.,
→ Stick to your regular sleep schedule.
→ Make your room quiet and complete dark (avoid using artificial lights) before going to sleep. As darkness can only increase the secretion of the Melatonin hormones.
→ Melotonin is the important hormone to prevents one from heart disease, Alzheimers disease, cancer, diabetes, blood pressure instability, depression etc.,

Average Sleep Needed per Day
Proper sleep cycle let you to stay energized, heal physical tiredness and helps to cope up with the next day activities.
Average Sleep Needed Per Day
The above table listed out the sleep cycle for different age groups. But, if one falls sick, the body and mind needs more amount of sleep to get rejuvenation. In such cases, its not consistent to stick with the regular sleep cycle.

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