How to Find the Volume of a Sphere?

How do you Calculate the Volume of a Sphere?

Volume of a Sphere Calculation

A sphere is a three dimensional figure which appears like a round shape. A perfectly round ball is the best example of sphere. The center of the sphere divides it into two equal hemispheres. The distance around the sphere is called as its circumference. Use this tutorial to learn how to find the volume of a sphere.
Sphere Volume
Let us learn how to calculate the volume of sphere based on the radius using this steb by step tutorial.
How To Find Volume Of Sphere
Formula :
Volume of Sphere, V = 4/3 (πr3)
Π = 3.14 (Constant)
r = Radius of Sphere
Volume Of Sphere Formula
Step 1: Consider a sphere of radius 10 m. What is the volume of the sphere?
Radius = 10 m
We know, Pi = 3.14
Sphere Volume Step1
Step 2: Substituting the values in the formula,
Volume of a Sphere = 4/3 (Π x 10 x 10 x 10)
= 4/3 (3.14 x 10 x 10 x 10)
= 4/3(3140.00)
= 1.33 x 3140
= 4186.67 m3
How To Find Sphere Volume Step2
Calculate volume of the sphere online using Sphere Calculator.

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