Skype Shortcuts

A List of all Skype shortcut keys, hotkeys, keyboard shortcuts.

Skype Hotkeys, Keyboard Shortcuts

Skype is a software which allows users to communicate over the internet with a medium. It allows you to share your thoughts with one another via text, video call and audio call. It was established by Niklas Zennstrom in the year 2003. You can use skype in your desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet and laptop. You can share images, texts, videos and audios through this software and also supports video conference calls. It is supported in Linux, Android, Windows, Mac and Apple OS.

Shortcut Keys provide an easy way of executing any actions in Skype. They can also be termed as keyboard shortcuts or hotkeys. Here provided a list of hotkeys that helps you to communicate and access skype much faster. Check out the tutorial to learn about the keyboard shortcuts and their usage in skype.

List of Skype shortcut keys