Connect to SFTP (Secured FTP) using Filezilla

How to connect to SSH FTP (SFTP) using Filezilla?


To transfer the files using SFTP (Secured File Transfer Protocol) follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Open the site manager. You can open site manager using three options.
Option 1: In the menu bar, click File Site Manager.
Option 2: Press CTRL+S
sftp connection filezilla
Option 3: Click Open the Site Manager icon in the toolbar.
sftp connection filezilla1
Step 2:
In Site Manager, Click New Site
sftp connection new site filezilla
Step 3: Under Select Entry, add the custom name for the Site.
sftp connection new site filezilla1
Step 4: Enter the Host name, Port number and select SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol in the Protocol option.
Step 5: In Logon Type select the required option and provide site details to login. There are five types of Logon Type available, Normal, Ask for Password, Anonymous, Account and Interactive.
If you click OK - Site details will be saved.
If you click Cancel - Site details wont be saved.
If you click Connect - It will connect to the host.
sftp connection filezilla2
If you click Connect, Unknown host key alert message opens with the checkbox "Always trust this host, add this key to the cache".When you click on the check box you wont get the alert message each time whenever you connect with that particular host.
Click OK to connect.
sftp connection filezilla3
Once connected, you will get a status message that "Directory listing successful" in the Message log portion.
sftp connection filezilla4

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