How to Calculate Radius of a Semicircle Given Diameter?

How do you find the semicircle radius using the diameter?

Semicircle Radius with Diameter Calculation

In geometry, Semicircle is half of the circle formed by one dimensional locus of points. The radius of the semicircle is half of its diameter.
Semicircle Radius With Diameter
Let us learn here how to calculate the radius of the semicircle given the diameter.
Radius Of Semicircle Given Diameter
Formula Used:
Radius of Semicircle
r = Diameter (d) / 2
Semicircle Radius With Diameter Formula
Step 1 : Let us consider an example to find radius of a semicircle whose diameter is given as 10 cm.
Radius of a Semicircle, r = Diameter (d) / 2
r = 10 / 2
r = 5 cm
Radius Of Semicircle Calculation Step1

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