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Dozens of grading systems has been used in the calculation of academic marks exist in education systems around the world. Similarly entry to schools and colleges in different grading systems make it difficult for students to determine whether they are eligible for the course programme. Thus, this section provides you will all regular academic mark calculations that makes it easier for students to convert their academic mark into different grading systems. With these vast academic mark calculations and tutorials, students could easily workout which school or college or university to enroll with and also to check the eligibility. Tutorials on all possible grading systems are given here with sample explanation on calculation and conversion of ones academic marks. Choose the required grading system for calculations and conversions example.

Indian Academic Calculators

Academic marks / grading system in India is based on percentage. According to Indian grading system, percentages of 85-95 are considered excellent while above 95...Read More

Search for the grading system from all over world. Learn here how to calculate and convert your academic marks based on different grading system available. Useful platform for all students and job seekers those who look for their academic mark calculations on various grading systems all over the world. Simple tutorials with interactive images for easy learning.