How To Use Round() Function in Excel?

Learn here how to use round() function in excel with a simple example.

Round in Excel

The ROUND() function rounds numbers to a specified level of precision. It can round to the right or left of the decimal point. Here is an general syntax to round integers.
Step 1: We have entered here the set of decimal numbers.
Round Numbers Step1
Step 2: Type the function =ROUND( inside a cell. Click on the first cell location from where you wish to round the values. Close the parenthesis and hit enter button to get the result.
Round Numbers Step2
Step 3: Select the cell where you got the first round number. Mouse over the cursor on the lower right corner of the resultant cell, the mouse pointer will turn into "+" symbol. Click and drag it down to operate the Round() function for all decimal values in the Excel.
Round Numbers Step3
You can see here the decimal value being converted into whole number.
Rounding Numbers Result