Rounding Numbers In Spreadsheet

Short tutorial on rounding numbers in spreadsheet program. Learn here how to round a number in Excel.

Round a Number in Excel

Rounding a decimal number is not a big task but it really needs lot of patience when working with bulk data. Rounding numbers is made quite easier and simpler with the spreadsheet application. You can round a numbers in excel at no time using a ROUND function. Follow our simple step by step tutorial to learn how to round a numbers in excel / spreadsheet program.

Use ROUND function to round a number. The function uses two arguments.
First argument is number to be rounded or its cell reference
Second is the number of digits to be rounded..
The syntax is
=ROUND(number, number_digits)

You can use ROUND function for rounding numbers in three ways.

=ROUND(number)Rounds to Zero Decimal Places
=ROUND(number, positive_number_digits) Rounds to the Nearest Decimal Values we Mention
=ROUND(number, negative_number_digits) Rounds to nearest 10 Decimal Places
(-1= 10s, -2 = 100s, -3=1000s)