How to Register Mobile Numbers in Banks

Learn how to register/update your mobile numbers in banks

Mobile Number Registration for Banks in India

Now-a-days mobile phones play a major role in all types of communication and transactions. When comes to money you need to be very serious on knowing what comes in, what goes out. Everytime you cannot carry your laptop or PC with you to track all your transactions. Smartphone today makes all kinds of banking works easier. You could easily transfer money, make your bill payments, check account balance from anywhere anytime with the mobile phone. Mobile internet facility is provided by almost all banks in India. All you need to do, is to register your mobile number with the bank account to track your transactions. This also serves as a safety measure with which one could get alerts whenever money comes in or goes out of your bank account.

Most of the banks requires its customers to submit a form at the concerned branch office for registering mobile number. In this section, you will learn how to register mobile number in banks along with your account in India. Almost all banks are covered here. Simply click on the respective bank name whether it is ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Indian Bank etc., to know the details about registering your mobile number with that bank account.