Ratnakar Bank SMS Banking

List of SMS banking keywords and number for Ratnakar Bank (RBL) mobile service.

RBL SMS / Mobile Banking Number and Keywords

Ratnakar Bank

Ratnakar Bank (RBL) SMS/mobile banking number is 9223366333

REG <Cust ID>Register for SMS Banking Service
DEREG <Cust ID>Deregister From SMS Service
SET <Cust ID> <Acc.no>Change Primary Account
BAL <Cust ID>Check Balance of CASA Account
BAL <Cust ID> <Acc.no>Check Balance of CASA Account with Customer id
FDINQ <Cust ID>Check Fixed Deposits Details
FDINQ <Cust ID> <Fixed Deposit No>Check Fixed Deposits with Customer ID
LOANINQ <Cust ID>Do Loan Balance Enquiry
LOANINQ <Cust ID> LCheck Loan Account Details
TXN <Cust ID>View CASA Transactions
TXN <Cust ID> <Acc.no>View CASA Transactions with Account Number
CHQSTA <Cust ID> <Acc.no> <Cheque No>Check Issued Cheque Status
PIN <Card No> <Cust ID> <PIN>Generate New ATM Pin
REPIN <Card No> <Cust ID> <PIN>Regenerate ATM Pin
TBLOCK <Card No> <Cust ID>Block Card Temporarily by Customer ID
TBLOCK <Card No>Block Card Temporarily
UBLOCK <Card No> <Cust ID>Unblock Card Temporarily by Customer ID
UBLOCK <Card No>Unblock Card Temporarily
BLOCK <Card No> <Cust ID>Block Card Permanently by Customer ID
BLOCK <Card No>Block Card Permanently
HELPGet Help for SMS Banking
UPIN <last_4_digit of A/C No>Generate MPIN
MMID NEW <last_4_digit of A/C No>Generate MMID
MMID DEL <last_4_digit of A/C No>Delete MMID
MMID ACT <last_4_digit of A/C No>Reactivate MMID