How to Access SSH in Putty (Windows) ?

A short tutorial that explains you on how to access SSH in Putty (Windows).


PuTTY is Secure Shell (SSH) and telnet client. It is developed originally by Simon Tatham especially for the Windows platform. Refer this simple short tutorial that explains you on how to login into Putty in Windows.
Step 1: Download Putty and save in your folder.
Step 2: Click on Run to get open Putty configuration.
Putty Step2
Step 3: Enter your server IP address, SSH Port number and Connection Type: SSH (leave as default). Then click on Open.
Putty Step3
Step 4: You will receive a PuTTY Security Alert, if this is your first time connecting to the server from computer. Click Yes to connect.
Putty Security Alert
Step 5: Enter the root and Password to access SSH.
Putty Step4